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Giuliano S108 Tyre Changer

Semiautomatic tyre-changer with operating arm articulated in 3 positions; suitable for car and motorcycle wheels having rim size from 11" to 20" (max. diameter 1000 mm./39", max. wheel width 330 mm./13").

109.jpeg 108
We can supply Giuliano machines in red or blue

Fixed vertical arm
Operating arm articulated in 3 positions
20" square turntable (inner clamping)
Air-operated bead-breaker
Motor 230/400V 3ph 50Hz

Technical Information
Rim clamping
Max. wheel diameter
1000mm (39")
Maximum wheel width
330mm (13")
Bead Breaker force at 10 bar
2000 kg
Operating pressure
8 bar (116 psi)
Power supply
230 v 1ph / 400 V 3ph
Motor power
0.37 kw
Spindle torque
800 Nm
Rotating speed
3-14 rpm
Net weight
135 kg

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