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Coats 700 Wheel Balancer

The Coats 700 is the perfect machine for space conscious tyre bays and garages. The model 700 is built with the same quality and reliability as on all other Coats wheel balancers, it also uses Coats' patented direct drive system. Automotive Garage Equipment supplied coats wheel balancers to Bridgestone motorsport for their successful entry into Formula 1 Motorsport.

Coats 700

Key Features
  • Patented direct drive motor provides single-spin convenience and accuracy of higher-priced machines.
  • Priced comparable to hand spin machines.
  • Three balancing modes (dynamic, static, and alloy).
  • Optional hood.
  • Digital readouts.
  • Self calibration.
  • Motorcycle kit #8111864 available.

  • Specifications
    Balancing Modes 3
    Tyre Diameter Up to 35"
    Rim Width 2" to 19.9"
    Max. Tyre Weight 56 lbs.
    Shaft Diameter 1-1/8" or 40mm
    Shaft Length 6-5/8"
    Resolution: Oz. 0.01
    Resolution: Degrees 1.4
    Accuracy: Oz. 0.01
    Power Requirement 230v 1 Phase
    Footprint 36"W x 30"D
    Shipping Weight 225 lbs.


    bridge.jpg img
    A picture of some Coats 700's supplied by Automotive Garage Equipment, working trackside at the Canadian GP.

    coats wheel balancers
    Another batch of specially modified Coats 700's ready to leave our workshop to Bridgestone Motorsport for Formula 1. We are proud to have supplied Bridgestone Motorsport around 40 Coats 700's since they entered F1.

    The Coats 700 is also widely used by Dunlop Motorsport for a number of events.
    Pictured above are 2 of the machines used on the British Touring Car series.
    For more BTCC pictures click [HERE]

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