HELP ARM and PRESS ARM are pneumatic devices intended to facilitate mounting/removing operations of low, extra low-profiled or overdimensioned tyres with alloy rims. Their easy installation on models Silver 224, Silver 225 and Silver 231 make them be perfect accessories for tyre-changing professional staff. The Silver Maxi GT can be fitted with PRESS ARM.
Their working concept is based on the pressure exerted by the two devices on the tyre, once it is fixed onto the turntable, through lowering the pneumatic arms of both tools by means of a hand control lever placed on the arms.



3) Bead pressing pad PRESS ARM
4) Bead lifting disk PRESS ARM
K) Lifting/lowering control lever PRESS ARM

- PRESS ARM is intended to be the best aid in mounting operations; its 3-sections articulated arm can follow the turntable rotational mouvement, keeping bead constantly pressed onto rim groove, so reducing pressure and tension on mounting tool and operating arm (fig.14). The bead pressing pad is made by specific rubber material, and its shape has been expressly studied to prevent it from getting stuck between rim and tyre. By mounting operation of second bead, lay Help roller on the tyre surface, bringing it close to the rim, and set the bead pressing pad of Press Arm against the rim, not too far from Help roller (fig.15). By turntable rotation, Help roller keeps bead pressed onto rim groove in a fixed position, close to the mounting tool, while Press Arm pad follows the wheels rotation, keeping bead pressed throughout the rotational phase. This operation, if correctly performed, will allow you to mount even stiffest tyres, overdimensioned or low-profiled, onto the most expensive and delicate rims, without using your hands. Press Arm can also be employed in other operations, as for locking the wheel on the turntable. In fact, by locking big wheels with alu rims from inside, tyre profile is often so low and rigid as not to allow a safe locking at the first shot. In this case it is advisable to use Press Arm, laying the pad in the middle of the rim and lowering the articulated arm. The pressure exerted by pad keeps the wheel pressed down, so moving bead away from rim. The pneumatic cylinder inside Press Arm generates a pressure force up to about 1.000 kg., thanks to which you can press even the low-profiled stiffest tyre down on turntable, so attaining a very easy locking from inside.


1) Roller HELP
2) Bead lifting disk HELP
Y) Lifting/lowering control lever HELP
HELP ARM - is a bead pressing tool intended to facilitate mounting/removing operations on tyres having stiff bead and low profile. By removing operations it can be used to push bead down before introducing the bead lifting lever between tyre and rim: lay the bead pressing roller on the tyre sidewall, bring it near to the rim edge, and let Help arm go slightly down by means of its control lever placed on it. So acting, the tool moves tyre bead away from rim, making the introduction of the lever easier and avoiding using hands to exert pressure (fig.11). Help air cylinder can generate a pressure force up to about 1.000 Kg., higher than any human force. Its bead pressing roller is made by plastic material, expressly studied to prevent any risk of damaging the delicate and expensive surface of alloy rims. The lower arm and the disk on it (fig.12), used together with Press Arm' one, are the best aid to lift the tyre towards the upper rim side during removing operations of second bead; just set the two disks under tyre lower sidewall (fig.13), and lift the arms by means of the control lever; in this way you can avoid overstraining to lift heavy tyres by hand. This lifting operation can be also performed by removal of first bead, by setting the two disks Help 4 and Press Arm 3 under the tyre before starting the operation, keeping tyre under pressure. In this way, as soon as the first bead is detached, tyre lifts itself automatically up to rim upper side, so making your removing operation very quick and easy. By mounting operations, Help Arm works at best if together with Press Arm, so preventing the operator to use his hands.

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