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RacingAGE A Division Of Automotive Garage Equipment Ltd.

Automotive Garage Equipment have been busier than ever over the winter period.
They have been heavily involved in BMW's exciting assault on the ALMS series with the all new BMW

The BMW ALMS M3 testing at Sebring 2009

RacingAGE Tyre Line

The Dunlop Motorsport ALMS Tyre Fitting service

Automotive Garage Equipment were once again called upon by Dunlop Motorsport, suppliers of the tyre's for BMW M3, to design and install a brand new tyre line. This involved months of planning and manufacturing of bespoke equipment and modifying traditional equipment to suit the demands they would have put upon them.
Automotive Garage Equipment then flew an engineer over to ensure the smooth installation, running and training of all the equipment.

Ahcon Wheel Lift

To enable safe lifting of the large amount of tyre and wheel assembly's that have to be fitted on a motorsport tyre fitting line a Wheel Lift is a necessity!.
The Ahcon wheel lift was chosen and modified by Automotive Garage Equipment as it suits the job perfectly.
The machine was painted in Dunlop colour's and fitted with wheels to aid mobility for setting up and packing up the service.

Click (HERE) For more information on Ahcon Products

Ahcon Wheel Lift

bead breaker
RacingAGE BB3000 Bead Breaker
For the Bead Breaker one of our own BB3000 Bead Breakers was the only choice.
The machine has a host of features that has rapidly made this machine a must have item for all of the Dunlop Motorsport fitting services.

Features include:

Horizontal bead breaking and easy to spin, bearing mounted, turntable ensuring the tyre fitter can see exactly where the blade is going to contact the tyre, so he can adjust the wheel position to suit, avoiding any tyre or wheel damage.

Pneumatically adjustable and lockable horizontal blade arm.

Pneumatically adjustable vertical column so the machine can quickly be adjusted to suit the wide tyre and wheel variations

Traditional side arm bead breaker also fitted if requested.

Optional Motorcycle adaptor so the machine can do car and bike.

Giuliano Smaxi Tyre Changer

Amazingly the tyre changer chosen for this project is a largely standard Giuliano Smaxi side arm machine.
Automotive Garage Equipment's Paul Theaskton says " The Smaxi was an ideal choice, it is a solidly built relatively compact side arm machine. Most importantly the Smaxi can be fitted with a heavy-duty press arm to assist in the fitting of race tyre's. The care and control that has to be used to fit race tyre's means a help arm is fairly crucial at the top end of motorsport, You are dealing with cars going at phenomenal speeds so any risk taken in rush fitting a tyre could prove fatal should a tyre be damaged during fitting, the Press arm enables effort free and controlled fitting of a tyre."

Click (HERE) For more information on the smaxi Tyre Changer

Giuliano Smaxi


Ahcon Tyre Inflators

The only way to safely inflate a tyre is using a safety cage, we supply Ahcon cages as they are the best! The inflation unit is full programmable and automatically over inflates to ensure bead seating then automatically deflates the tyre to the requested pressure.
Again these devices have proved to a must have item for all of the Dunlop Motorsport fitting services.

Fasep B221.G2 Wheel Balancer

For wheel balancing the newly introduced Fasep B221G2 Racing version was chosen.The racing version uses the smaller Fasep G212 weight tray to make the machine compact for transportation. This motorised machine features automatic wheel date entry, so the balancer can quickly and easily jump from fitting one size of wheel to another.

More information of the Fasep range can be found (HERE)

Fasep B221 Wheel Balancer

RacingAGE Rollers

The ALMS Dunlop Motorsport tyre fitting line is all connected by Automotive Garage Equipment's very own roller bed system. The roller beds incorporate air and electrical feeds to supply all of the equipment on the line.
The beds are all designed to pack down flat for ease of transportation with minimal space requirements in the truck. The rollers are all bearing mounted to ensure the line is as quite as it can be to ensure a professional sounding service as well as looking.
The system can also be as long or as short as they require it for either a mini service for test days or the full service for race day.


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