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BB10TCR Bead Breaker

The BB10 was originally designed for GP motorcycle tyres. However after requests from a number of our customers we have slightly altered the machine to cope with race car wheels.
The BB10's are now used not only on motorcycle events but now also a wide range of motorsport events
including, amongst others, [Touring Cars] and ASCAR. The machine is also used for production bead breaking,
The BB10TCR now boasts a useful turntable, for speady operation, and a storage compartment.

Machine currently in use by Excel Coventry

3 cylinder BB10TCR made for Dunlop Motorsport
This machine is currently in use on the BTCC service
where it breaks up to 900 tyre beads every race weekend.
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We have recently upgraded the BTCC BB10TCR to fit in with the new Dunlop Livery.
As well as changing the color, the machine now acts as a main outlet for air and electricity for the tyre line.
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We do of course still produce the popular Standard BB10 without the turntable and storage compartment
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