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SMaxi GT Racing Tyre Changer

The SMaxi GT is Giuliano's Semi Automatic Racing Tyre Changer. It is suitable for 10" - 22" rims up to 15" wide and can be fitted with a range of accessories including a help arm, a patented interchangeable head system and motorcycle adaptors.


Optional Press Arm
We would recommend that alloy wheel specialists consider having the optional press arm fitted to aid the tyre technician in the removal and fitting of low profile tyres to alloy wheels

Please click [HERE] for more information on the press arm

Optional Interchangeable Mounting Head System
We would also recommend the fitting of Giuliano's patented interchangeable head system, this system enables quick transition between a steel mounting head for steel or damaged alloy wheels, to a nylon head for alloy wheels. A nylon mounting head ensures the least amount of risk of damage to alloy wheels.

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