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Tyre Decal Machines

We have designed different variations of this machine to apply tyre wall decals to racing tyre's.
The machine is hydraulically operated enabling quick and easy application of the side wall decals.
Our machines are now used worldwide for various racing tyre brands.
Our range includes:

DCL3000 - Single headed static tyre decal application machine.
DCL3000M - Single headed mobile tyre decal application machine.
DCL6000 - Twin headed static tyre decal application machine.

DCL3000M Mk3
We have redeveloped our DCL3000M Mk3mobile decal application machine.
The machine is now more compact and can also be upgraded to apply decals to fitted tyres making the machine more versatile trackside.
DCL3000M Mk3
Decal being applied to tyre
DCL3000M Mk3
Decal being applied to fitted tyre/wheel assembly
dcl3000m tyre decal application machinedcl3000m tyre decal application machinedcl3000m tire decal application machine
DCL3000 Mk3 Tyre decal application machine.

DCL 6000 supplied to Dunlop Motorsport

The Latest version of the machine is the DCL6000, this machine features 2 decal heads allowing 2 operators at the same time to apply tyre decals.
The first DCL6000 was supplied to Dunlop Motorsport in the UK and was put straight to work applying decals to tyre's for a number of events including Le Mans, DTM and BTCC.

mobile decal machine
DCL3000 Mobile Mk1
This is our own prototype development machine. It has been used to decal tyre's mainly for Dunlop Motorsport for BTCC, Le mans etc before they purchased their own machine from us.

DCL3000 Mobile Mk2
This machine was manufacture for Yokohama and is now used in Japan to decal tyre's for a wide range of Yokohama motorsport tyre's.
Falken Tyre Decal Machine
DCL3000 Mk2.
Manufactured for Falken tyre's for use trackside at American circuits.

Tyre Decal application machine
DCL 3000 Mk1
Supplied to Sumitomo Rubber Industries.
This machine is now in Japan and decals tyre's for a number
of motorsport events, including the Australian V8 Series.

DCL 2000
One of our first Decal machines.
Supplied to and still used by Cooper Avon Motorsport.

decaled tyres
Collage of tyre's decaled on AGEquipment Decal Machine.
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