Commercial Wheel Lift

Craftsman Commercial wheel lift and carrier:
The Craftsman wheel lift and carrier unit has been developed to meet commercial tyre technicians' high demands for an ergonomically correct assembly unit that is quick and easy to use.
To optimise adaptability and performance the Craftsman unit has a telescopic frame. It is pumped together when the wheel is to be lifted, whereby rollers press in under the wheel and lift it. Thanks to this lifting technique, the lift and carrier adjusts to the size of the wheel to be handled. This means the same unit can be used for many different wheel dimensions. The lifting technique also entails the unit decreasing in dimension when a small wheel is being handled.
The unit is, therefore, never to big or clumsy.

The Craftsman has a construction which makes it specially suitable for heavy tread tyres. It is equipped with eight bearing rollers assembled in cradles that are
self-adjusting on the wheel to be handled.

To reduce dependency on the hub or rime size and form, the unit grips the wheel from the outside edge. The units have a angular-adjusted wheel support to give easy access when loosening the wheel nuts. The wheel support can also be rapidly removed without tools.


The wheel is balanced by the help of a stepless adjustable
Wheel Support which allows rotation of the wheel in a secure position.

To make possible safekeeping of the wheel on the unit, it is
Equipped with a mechanical locking device.

The hydraulics are an integrated entity with advanced double-acting,
two speed hydraulics. The shift between low-pressure
(fast transport) and high pressure takes place completely
automatically when loaded.

The units' construction makes them very easy to use.
Changing direction is done easily with the help of a foot pedal,
without having to release the pump handle. In this way handling is very quick and precise.

Technical Data:
Max. Load 1200Kg
Max. wheel size ø 2200mm
Min. wheel size ø 1000mm
Max. wheel width 800mm
Weight 112kg.
Width (pumped together) 1260mm
Depth 1015
Carrier wheel type Polyurethane
Carrier wheel ø 150mm

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